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The jewelry brand Tiffany & Co celebrated its 175th anniversary with the event ‘La Noche en Plata’, a party aimed at bringing together a younger audience around the company. The main objective of this action was to manage the call of potential clients, target media journalists, bloggers and influencers for the opening party.
The evening event took place in October 2012 at the Palacio de Neptuno in Madrid, with catering organized by Samantha Vallejo Nájera. The brand hired the most important influencers who, through a private link, invited 50 trustworthy people, so we could ensure the assistant of profiles related to the firm, like Xavi Rebes, Paula Ordovás, Macarena Gea, Rebeca Labara, Esther Bellón, Rocío Suárez, Sara Escudero, Ana Gotia, Mike Madrid & Gabriel García and Laura Martínez.
After the event, we organized several meetings in the boutique in which, in order to strengthen the relationship with the brand, the influencers invited 10 other friends to spend an afternoon together discovering the brand closely.
Our effort achieved the attendance of more than 800 people, including journalists, bloggers, influencers, celebrities and potential clients of the brand, that reached out to a younger audience, positioning itself as a modern and desirable jewelry firm.


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