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“Iberian Hams from Spain. Ambassadors of Europe in the World” is a campaign to promote Iberian Ham as a product with Protected Designation of Origin, promoted by the Interprofessional Association of Iberian Pigs, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the European Union. This innovative global project seeks to consolidate markets such as France, Germany and Spain, and to promote markets such as China and Mexico. To this end, AREA Mexico is promoting a series of strategic actions aimed not only at supporting the visibility of such a representative product, but also at promoting its dissemination in other markets.
AREA’s role in this three-year project has been to develop and execute a plan of specific public relations actions in the Mexican market aimed at the target audiences identified. Thus, tastings have been held in restaurants, workshops with the media and sector professionals, promotions at points of sale and gastronomic festivals. Likewise, dissemination actions have been carried out on social networks through agreements with bloggers and influencers, audiovisual pieces and information kits, which have had a significant impact on product recognition.
In line with this plan, we have developed a series of official qualifications in Iberian ham and the art of slicing, through an agreement with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.


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