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We accompanied the brand in the presentation of the PreFall Collection in June 2018. Furla presented the most iconic items of the season into an elegant and bucolic atmosphere, paying special attention to the Mughetto bag, considered the ‘it bag’ of the PreFall collection.
The strategy focused on reinforcing the brand awareness and the relationship between Furla and the press and Influencers. We also generate buzz on the brand with quality digital content and live posts on social networks.
We organized several meetings in two locations: a lunch with the main digital fashion magazines in Numa Pompilio; and a dinner with prominent influencers at the Fransen et Lafite florist.
The lunch was attended by the EICs who were sent a flower arrangement as a gift and a reminder of the appointment. Once they arrived at the restaurant on Thursday 14th of June, they were welcomed by the EMEA Director of communication and AREAs team. The influencers arrived at the flower shop at 7:30 p.m., and they were welcomed by the EMEA Director of communication and the agency team. They were gifted with a flower arrangement crafted in the moment and they attended the explanation by the EMEA director about the prefall’18 collection as well.
The event brought together 14 digital media professionals and 13 influencers, guaranteeing a significant impact on media and social networks. Some of the digital media that attended the meeting were: Telva, Harper ‘s Bazaar, Yo Dona, Mujer Hoy, El País, Jared, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, SModa, Vanitatis and Woman.


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