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Nowadays, influencers are playing a very important and relevant role in the changes in customer consumption habits. Just look at how any garment or accessory worn by certain profiles of different generations is sold out instantly in the online stores of the brands or how a particular restaurant becomes fashionable in a dizzying way in a city full of them like Madrid.

The consumer’s desire to have and to be, means that knowing how to communicate the right message and in the best way means a careful strategy that works, and that is where the work of the communication agency is essential.


Communication with the customer

Knowing how to identify the needs of the brands is essential in order to meet their needs and achieve full satisfaction throughout the process. Communication has to be key when immersing in the challenge we are facing and transparency in the dialogue is the main basis that will lead both parties to face this challenge satisfactorily.

Therefore, the direct and continuous contact of the communication agency with the different departments of the brand involved in the digital activation, makes it easy and direct, we can capture the essence of the product that tells us who to address and do it in a natural and simple way.

It is very important to maintain a relationship of trust with the brand because we are part of their team and we have to help them achieve their goal. Advice in terms of identifying what would be the best content and the best way to communicate it, is another point where the agency’s expertise will contribute to the brand.

A complete strategy aimed, mainly, at actions such as achieving increased visibility, generating sales or establishing influencer marketing as an affiliate marketing model, among other things, has to be present as the main guide of the working method.


Profile identification

Local knowledge and knowledge of the social media sector is essential to be able to function as a TV screen that informs how things are and how they should be carried out depending on the place, time and situation.

Therefore, once the product and the action itself are known in depth, the identification of the best profiles in social media that will suit that activation will come into play, and where the agency’s experience will be the main key to carry it out.

Matching the brand’s personality and audience with that of the influencer will be essential to make a perfect connection in a natural and credible way.

Also, knowing the influencer’s character, the way their agents work, as well as their tastes and trends, will mean a more cordial and trusting relationship with them, thus creating a more pleasant working environment where everyone is more flexible and receptive to move the project forward.


Client satisfaction

The main objective for the client will be to get the influencers to create content in a satisfactory way (either organically or paid, or to create a post or story), but this in turn, will have meant the beginning of a close relationship with the brand where the PR work of the communication agency will be to strengthen and tighten that bond thanks to the treatment received during the negotiation.

The elaboration of a good briefing where it is reflected how the material generated by the influencer should be, as well as the treatment and form of negotiation (identification / negotiation and advice / result), will be a quality to highlight of the agency itself, consolidating again its professionalism and good work for the client.

The whole process and results of the activation will be compiled in a final report that collects all the quantitative and qualitative data based on the metrics provided after the activity in social networks, the conclusions reached and drawbacks encountered during the negotiation process, and suggestions for improvement that have been a learning experience to apply to future activations.

Therefore, we must not forget that the implementation of a good strategy with influencers is based not only on having a powerful product but also on making it known quickly, with the greatest possible impact and with the maximum satisfaction of the parties involved.

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Mamen Fernández